Photographer | Cinematographer

The Embrace

The Embrace. A photographic series by Edward Pages. 

We are living in a world that has tmore means to connect than at any other time in history yet everyday we seem to pull further and further apart. A look at people in any public space reveals a sad phenomenon in which everyone seems to be mentally and emotionally disconnected from the people with whom they are sharing physical space. 

I wanted to come up with a series that celebrates the moment in which we are fully present. The moment in which we physically, emotionally, and spiritually move closest to the people that mean the most to us. Where everything but love

While photography for this series did not happen until December, this series actually began in November when I reached out to my my friends and asked about their thoughts on participating in the project.

The series actually began when people began to consider who it is that they would want to be photographed with in an embrace. This is the basis of the entire project. This series is just getting started. I will be scheduling more studio time to continue the series.